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Traditions and Modern Expertise - In Timber Buildings

Timber houses for good, healthy living

Ekorex Homes Ltd import sturdy stylish buildings from Honka made of fine-grained Finnish pine. Our expertise in wooden structures, right choice of materials and mastery of the latest technology is demonstrated in unique log houses that are good to live in.

Glulaminated log houses provide accommodation in many European countries as well as around the world. In addition to residential buildings Glulaminated Timber has been used in many projects involving the construction of hotels, holiday villages, golf clubs, churches and road bridges.



Holiday Lodges


Community Centres

Office Buildings

Sports & Leisure Centres

Beach Huts


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About Us

Ekorex Homes Ltd works with Finland's best glulam log house builder Honka which have the CE marking. This offers assured quality control, which is acceptable to local authority Building Control departments in the United Kingdom.

Our architectural practice Architectural & Creative Design Ltd provided services covering energy assessment, for both domestic and commercial buildings. For further information please click on the link below to visit our web site

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Guarantees / Warranties

Buildings can be provided with 10 warranties underwritten by one of the UK's leading buildings insurance companies. Details are available on request.


High Street or specialist mortgage companies will provide finance to assist with the development process.

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