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New Kind of Freedom and Abundance of Shapes

Completely Plastic-free Structure

Instead of plastic, Ekorex log structures contain air-proof paper. Being made completely of wood fibre, the structure acts like natural wood. The humidity of indoor air remains constant. Living is good and breathing easy in an Ekorex house.

Ekorex Breathes Right

It is not just people with allergies that enjoy the clean, natural indoor air of an Ekorex house. Thanks to the respiring structure, the quality of indoor air remains high, also at night. The need for air-conditioning is reduced. People and animals feel well - as do the interior materials.

Ekorex Log Houses Provide Easy Breathing and Good Living

The quality of indoor air affects the well being and comfort of people. High-quality indoor air and the right level of humidity are particularly important to those with allergies.

The plastic-free Ekorex houses breathe the right way. The humidity of indoor air stays constantly at the right level, as the beams and the wood cellulose insulation bind and release humidity according to the conditions. Ekorex houses keep the relative humidity of the indoor air at an optimal level.

A further factor reducing allergy and pulmonary symptoms is the minimal amount of dust that is emitted to the indoor air.

Ekorex Provides Efficient Insulation

Made of natural materials, Ekorex wall structure meets the highest requirements of thermal insulation. In an Ekorex house the heat is not wasted and the air is naturally humid.

Fine-grained wool insulation fills all the gaps and sticks to the structures. The wall surfaces remain warm, and there is no draught. Furthermore, the structure insulates sound very effectively.

Square Lamella Beams

Demanding log house structures

Finland has a long history of manufacturing demanding log houses with structures. The high-quality design, which takes heed of customers' needs, and the first class materials are characteristic to a Finnish log house. Square lamella beams are a reliable and strong choice for a wall structure of small villas and large detached houses alike.

Square Lamella Beam Sizes
88 x 180 mm
112 x 180 mm
134 x 180 mm
164 x 180mm
180 x 260 mm (4 lamellas)
202 x 260 mm (6 lamellas)

Technical Data

The raw material used to produce our extensive range of beams is carefully selected northern softwood. The decades of experience in manufacturing log houses combined with modern production technology guarantee a high quality outcome.

CE Marking

CE marking awarded by the European Union certifies that all properties of the product comply with the European standards for technical quality and UK Building Regulations.

FFCS Forest Certification Ensures the Well Being of the Forests

A forest certification system suitable for local conditions has been established in Finland. It is known as the FFCS (Finnish Forest Certification System). FFCS certification indicates impartially and reliably that Finland's forests and forest ecosystems are being sustainably managed.